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How I started



It all started messing around with friends on a music cooler and a NYE party(shout out The Barnes'). A good friend of mine, Jackie Carl Thomas Jr. put me on to a intro ion DJ kit. I took that to the NYE party, and mixed some tunes for everyone all night. The crowd was impressed, and I kept practicng on it. It was actaully then another friend who told me that he would invest in helping me get some real tunrtables. I didn't accept the offer, but was gracious that he belived in me to even offer (shout out K Martin).  From then I invested in a pair of technic turntables and then it was written.....


Being from Hawaii, (born in Colorado),  it just seemed "fitting" to go with the name DJ Hawaii 5ive-0




*side note I must say this whole story

all began with a game DJ Hero... (shout out D Reed)

Why DJ Hawaii 5ive-O ?


You want a DJ who gives a great mix, that keeps a party going, that is versatile to whatever needs that you need... Well I'm that DJ. I've spun numerous gigs from the NFL to House Parties. From Private Jet Corporate Functions to Birthdays and other celebrations. I've had some great experience: Opened for MC Lyte and Morris Day, spun with Jaime Fox and Wale, Adrian Peterson (NFL) 30th Birthday, Gisueppe Zanotti, Dikembe Mutombo, etc. Been featured in Rolling Stones Magazine, ESPN Magazine, the Million Air Magazine, GQ Magazine, The Houston Magazine, and many more. I just like to have a good time, and if you do too, then you will enjoy me.



Check out a mix below, and make sure you reach out to me and leave a comment! 


“You one gig away. Always remember... You just one gig away”

ABOUT DJ Hawaii 5ive-0


“When you gonna make me a mix, I need that .”


“Love Him as a DJ .”

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